Wizard House Escape Game

Wizard House Escape

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Training to be a wizard is not quite easy. You have to pass all the tests and memorize all the spells before you can be one. You really want to be a wizard but you are having a hard time. And you thought that things will be easier if you'll just break into the wizard house and get the special spell book. In this way, you can surely pass the test and you don't have to ride on those flying brooms. However, what you did is too dangerous. The master wizard might catch you so you have to be quick. That spell book can help you to escape from the Wizard House in just a click of a second. But you must expect that it is not just placed in an easy place. Then add the fact that you have to solve all these insane puzzles.

So start to find clues and find what you need. You can also use the items in the wizard house for your escape plan. Play Wizard House Escape room escape game from 365 Escape and use your logic to escape. Roam around the house and try to escape as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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