Little Garden Escape

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Milo visited his grandparents’ farm that day and as a kid, he can finally be free from the chores and some of his gadgets at home, for aside from being a couch kid himself, he still has some concerns for his health and that’s why he told himself he was free! At least from the time being, for little did he know there are more back-breaking chores in the farm than in the home. That day, Milo was in his grandma’s garden just looking around for the place is wide and there are a lot of things to see there. But as he did however, he never thought he’d get himself in some trouble and now because he was alone, he couldn’t get any help!

Milo got trapped in the garden for the gate was locked now! Who locked it anyways? For surely he didn’t and if he did, then he’ll have the key for it, but he doesn’t and he can’t get out of there. Milo needs to do something or he’ll have to wait for his grandparents to come-by and who knows how long will that be. Escape players, care to help Milo here who is trapped in his grandma’s garden so he can escape safely? He is getting a little scared now so you’ve got to hurry.

Little Garden Escape is a brand new point and click outdoors escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.