Little Bossbaby Escape

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Antonia loved this little boy baby who is the child of her neighbor for the kid was definitely full of antics and acted like a boss! Antonia liked that for he is kind of like that boss baby show and he is pretty cute. But that day however when Antonia went to visit her friend who was the mother of the kid, she found her friend frantic, she asked what’s going-on and that’s when she found-out that her child is actually trapped inside a room and she couldn’t get him out!

Antonia definitely joined-in as well for this is definitely a serious problem, they need to do this quickly for the kid could get hurt there in the room and definitely there is more than one ways that he will given time. Escape players, Antonia needs help here even though there were already two of them facing this problem, will you be the key to solve this while the child is still relaxed in the room? Find items then and a key or something that can open that locked door there, it could be anywhere and hopefully you’ll be able to find it and get the trapped kid out.

Little Bossbaby Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.