Pirate Boy Escape (8b games)

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Andrew’s neighbor even though he is just a small kid, he already shows his love for the sea and fishing, those are one of the reasons then why he was nicknamed the pirate boy. That day, his mother had told Andrew if his father went with him to a fishing trip, they too will bring the boy for he can enjoy it as well, for before when he wasn’t allowed to go, he became restless and quite disappointed for he was left in the house. This time his mother wanted to test him if he is able to take care of himself on the trip, but as Andrew came-by to pick them both up his father and him, he realized that the kid was actually in some trouble!

Andrew saw his father and he was in a panic, that’s when he knew then he must lend his hand and he was right, for his father could not get him out of his room and is already powering-up some power-tools outside. Andrew thought that is not really necessary, for there might be a non-invasive way to get the boy out and as equally as safely too. Escape players, do you have any means to get the boy out without destroying anything? Place yourself on Andrew’s shoes then and let’s see your way.

Pirate Boy Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.