Labour Bear Escape

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The workers here are pretty lucky that they have a worker which has supreme muscle, and that day they will be coming to topple-down this old house for it is not anymore safe to live in. And so people got to work and this worker who has monstrous strength was of course involved in it. This worker can really carry very heavy objects and swipe stuff in the place with one swoop. It kind of gets you wonder what kind of human can do that? Maybe a very strong one? Well actually this worker is not even human, for it was a full-grown male bear!

This bear is really strong and of course they can easily get things done for they are many times stronger than a human. It also has a gentle temperament and weirdly has some human-like intelligence. Well because of that they made the bear work, and of course get it well-fed and taken-care of after. But that day though as the job was being carried-out, something happened to him and now he needs a rescue! Escape players, you will be as one of the workers there and you were the first one to respond to him. You were really dumbfounded that there was still some working mechanisms there in the rooms of the place, but still then you need to help your fellow worker. Want to see what happened to him then and if you can ever help your fellow worker which was that bear?

Labour Bear Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Labour Bear Escape

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