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Kitchen Door Rescue
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You're in a foreign country. Even if you don't know anyone there or don't even know all the directions to the places you want to visit, you still take chances. You really like taking small alleys and finding things you don't usually find in travel vlogs. Your camera is always in your hand in case something interesting pops up. You also like taking videos of the places you visit since it somehow captures your emotions at that time as well. Your feet take you to a place with various restaurants lining the road. You want to enter each one and taste the food there. However, you only have a limited time. So you choose one from the many and decide to do your vlogging session there. You sit right next to the window to enjoy a bit of people watching while waiting for your order to arrive.

Then you hear someone enter the restaurant making a fuss about someone following him. The owner calms him down and leads him to the kitchen. Your food arrives and you're enjoying every bite with the beat from your headphones. You finish your meal and prepare to leave when you realize it's awfully quiet. You're the only one left but you can hear some shuffling in the kitchen. Play Kitchen Door Rescue room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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