Jubilant Chef Crab Escape

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If Remy is a chef in Paris and was a rat, there was this crab in a small village which belongs to Stan and this crab can also cook! It finds the joy in cooking and as mysterious as it can be one day, Stan let it do what it wanted to do for when he was about to cook it, it suddenly moved and tried to cook as well! Stan let it finished then until, the result was very good! From then Stan took good care of this crab even though he doesn’t have a concrete explanation what just happened. Days passed and unfortunately more people knew about this crab, that could be the reason why it got taken one day, and Stan was definitely enraged with that!

Somebody broke inside Stan’s house and took the crab! Whoever these people are, he is going to give them a piece of his mind. Luckily though he caught up to them for when Stan was about to leave and find his crab, he found it inside a cage outside! What? They took the crab, put it in a cage, and just left it there? Maybe they got scared of Stan and ran? Well whatever the reason is Stan is there now, but he needs to open the cage first. Escape players, will you help Stan here with his unique crab so he can return it back to the water? Quickly then, for the crab haven’t rested well yet and it’s definitely not joyful of what just happened to it here.

Jubilant Chef Crab Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.