Jolly Alien Escape Game

Jolly Alien Escape

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A strange message came to Jay and it was subliminal, the message was very strange but it actually made him tear-up for he had no idea Earth wasn't the only inhabited world in the vastness of space, but then he was given an insight about it from a strange source which he was thinking about if he can trust it or not. The message was clearly from aliens and they needed help for one of theirs just got captured by one of Jay's and that alien was trapped behind a grilled-door in the house of Jay's neighbor who was a huge fanatic of extraterrestrial stuff.

The man that the aliens were saying was that weird person who was trying to convince everyone that aliens are real, well he's right now and he even captured one! That one who got captured was one of the aliens surely and time is running-out for the trapped one, for that fanatic person might call area 51 and that could mean that the aliens must attack Earth in-order to save one of theirs. That should not happen and because that fanatic person was Jay's neighbor, he must be at front for the aliens seems to trust him. Escape players, care to join Jay here on this rescue for the alien?

Come and try this rescue adventure then for someone who was out of this world! Jolly Alien Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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