Inside Car Escape Game

Inside Car Escape
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Your friend bought an expensive modern car and posted a photo in your group chat. Everyone gaped at his new car. But you only questioned him about his ability to drive. He once bought a motorcycle. Yet only to be kept as a decor in his home. He didn't know how to drive. Upon reading your message, he immediately invited you over to his house. And so you did. You couldn't deny that his car was awesome. Looking at it, you could really tell it was expensive. He opened the car door on both side. You were expecting him to take the driver's seat but instead, he entered the passenger's side. You looked at him and he admitted he still didn't know how to drive. A sigh escaped your lips as you sat down. You were about to tell him the basics when his phone rang.

He went out of the car to answer it. You were left alone inside. You decided to try out some of its features. However, it seemed like none of the buttons were working in your favor. You slowly felt claustrophobic and needed to escape. Yet you first have to figure out how.  Play Inside Car Escape room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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