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Find Your Car Key
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Airports bring you happy memories of leaving the stress behind and welcoming a few days of precious break. However it also brings you sad memories of leaving the fantasy and facing the reality. Not only that, sometimes you just hate seeing people leave and most of them happens in the airport. So the moment your relative asked you to drop her off at the airport, your heart just dropped. You are very bad with goodbyes and tears just easily fill your eyes. You looked for an excuse to avoid the situation. But she just softly smiled at you and you knew you just had to do it. You wake up early to make sure she has everything she needs. She's a bit old and frail yet she just wouldn't agree to it. She slowly enters the car and smiles broadly at you.

Every time she does this, you know she's done something. So you search for your keys in your pocket and they aren't there. You hold out your hand and she sheepishly place the keys. She just wants to remind you to not easily forget things or people. The plane finally leaves and but it seems like your keys also left with it. Play Find Your Car Key room escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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