Indolent Clumsy Bat Escape

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Bernie works as a spy here in the town and his specialty for espionage is animals. He have already trained a lot of spy worthy animals for years,  from rats, to birds, and even bats! He is really good at what he does and that’s why he was tasked to gather information here in this particular town to capture an extremely wanted fugitive. Now this is a very delicate operation, for any wrong move then this could all go south, but that day though Bernie has no choice but to use his clumsy bat as his current eye, for his other elite ones like his sparrow and mice are being used by other agents. Well guess he is being undermined here again despite of everything he did for the company, or maybe trusted for the only one that can control this creature is him. Well he is eager to take-care of this mission here still even if it is with his clumsy bat, for he too has a bone to pick with that wanted criminal.

As Bernie was getting ready though, he waited for his bat, but it didn’t return however. Maybe it is being clumsy again? Right-now it definitely cannot afford to fail. A few minutes later and the window Bernie had created is slowly closing, okay something might have happened to that bat now, or it’s just being clumsy again frolicking around aimlessly. Still though Bernie cannot take this into account for in every mission, just about anything can happen. Escape players, Bernie here will go off the sidetrack for now and find his bat partner, will you help him here so this problem can be taken care of quickly before the opportunity here for a capture closes?

Indolent Clumsy Bat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Indolent Clumsy Bat Escape

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