Icy Penguin Escape Game

Icy Penguin Escape

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You left your house alone for an icy expedition. You weren't the type to ask people to join you in your activities. If they wanted to join, they could. But you wouldn't be the one inviting them. So to make sure that you would have more time by yourself, you left secretly. You weren't really worried about being lost. You believe you'd make it out in any situation if you wanted to. It was getting hotter and hotter. So you chose an icy location for your adventure. It would be a nice break from the heat you were feeling. You didn't even book any hotels. Instead, you brought your tent with you. You wanted to feel closer to nature and be friendlier with it. It wasn't easy being out there in the cold. But you took it as a great opportunity to experience a whole new level of adventure.

You were busy taking care of your surrounding  when you saw a cute penguin just standing there. It made you hesitant to move as you could scare it. So you carefully move around careful not to bother penguin. However, instead of leaving, the penguin just remained there. It seemed like you understood what it needed and set out to help it. Play Icy Penguin Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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