Hotel Room Escape 3D Game

Hotel Room Escape 3D

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You love to be in a hotel room because you feel fancy. So whenever you are in a hotel, you see to it that you make the most out of it. You jump on your bouncy bed and you dip into a soothing hot tub. Another thing that you can only get to a hotel room is the room service. Everything in the menu is scrumptious. The best thing about it is that, you don't have to cook. You'll just have to wait in your room and that's it. However, it's been an hour since you ordered the steak. Nobody is knocking on your door and you are really hungry. Looks like you have to check what's happening to the kitchen. You need to follow up your order personally but you can't do that right now. The door in your hotel room won't open.

You can't wait for another hour before a hotel staff comes over. You have to do things on your own. The problem is, you lost the hotel key. You have to find that so you can escape from the room. Hotel Room Escape 3D is the first 3D room escape game sponsored and published by Escape Fan and developed by Hidden Key Games. Good luck and have fun!

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