Hot Marilyn Monroe Escape

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There was going to be a shoot for a new movie about Marilyn Monroe and as the main actress for that, Amy needs to be there for she is the star and really she must not be late. But circumstances just stands in her way though, and one her car broke-down! That’s why as a last resort, she called her friend Alexa to give her a ride to the set. Of course her friend is in debt to her and besides that, they are close friends so she’ll definitely help.

Alexa arrives at Amy’s house and when she entered, she realized that there was another problem! Amy is trapped in a room there in her house and she couldn’t get herself out! Looks like something is really stopping her here, but she needs to keep moving for there is still a chance to get this fixed. Amy is somehow concerned of this, for these were like signs that she shouldn’t go. But she thought what about the set? She needs to be there and a lot of people are waiting for her, she really can’t bail on this. Alexa is going to help her luckily, but what about you escape players? Come and play as Alexa here and see if you can get her friend Amy out quickly from where she is trapped or the production will get a new star as her replacement for the movie.

Hot Marilyn Monroe Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Hot Marilyn Monroe Escape


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