Mischievous Man Escape

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This one dangerous man who lives in the village at the outskirts of it is being watched over constantly, for this man is not only monstrously big, he can get agitated easily and that’s the last thing people want from him is when he gets angry. Overall he is gentle especially to the children, and he would even defend his fellow villagers at all cost from any enemies that would harm them. That’s why they can’t really drive this guy out of the place and another reason was he is the oldest resident of the village, that grants him elder status now of course.

But one normal day though this man went absolutely rogue! Nobody knows why he went berserk one day, so people had no choice but to lock him in their cell until he relaxes. As the close friend of the man, Anton is seriously concerned for him that’s because he had heard the council about his removal from the place before he becomes a nuisance. Anton is concerned for he knows there is a chance his friend here could get executed and it will be made to look like an accident. Anton needs to do something now, and eventually he decided to rescue his friend and maybe bring him somewhere else safely. Escape players, Anton is going to do something very serious which could also land him into some serious jail time, but that’s why he needs help here so that he can do this rescue smoothly without anybody seeing. Will you help Anton here then as he do this as quickly as he can?

Mischievous Man Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Palani Games.

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Walkthrough video for Mischievous Man Escape

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