Horror Candle House Escape Game

Horror Candle House Escape

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Everybody is heading to horror houses in the neighborhood for Halloween but for Samuel however, he decided to enter the old mansion which was not inhabited anymore and the place just collects dust and is dark. Samuel might have a different aim than everyone else, but his adventure here is very much legit than anybody else, for the mansion is rumored to be haunted since time forgotten!

One spooky story about the Mansion is as people passes outside the place from a distance, they see candle-lights from the windows of the place and it would even teleport from a distant window to another! People doesn't know if what they are seeing is a prank or whatever, but those stories are enough for Samuel to go inside for he is very curious about it as well as the other happenings there. At the moment, Samuel is now inside the house looking around the rooms, it's quite intimidating and he thought this is definitely going to be an adventure now. Escape players, will you join Samuel here and see what you can find in the presumably haunted mansion?

Horror Candle House Escape is the newest point and click scary indoor escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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