Hooked Forest Escape

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You receive an invitation from an anonymous person. It seems like he knows you too well. And as proof, he mentions some facts that only those very close with you know. This makes you think of a friend who used to prank you with letters. So you just laugh it off and go with the flow of the joke. You’re thinking someone’s out to surprise you as your birthday is nearing. On the way to the location, you can’t help but think of the wonderful times you spent with your friend. And then you realize you miss him and all his crazy antics. The thought makes you excited to meet up with him. However, the road to the location is getting rougher and rougher. You don’t know if your vehicle can make it. So you get off and start to walk towards the place.

You walk for a little while without seeing any signs of anyone waiting. So you move deeper into the forest. You begin questioning your decision when you begin seeing strange things through the corners of your eyes. You may not be in for a surprise but a shock. Play Hooked Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.