Turkey Forest Game

Turkey Forest

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You are wandering aimlessly inside the forest. You haven't fully explored the forest. So every time you come here, you make sure to take a different path. You enjoy looking at the plants and creatures up close. It's like there's always something new to look at and new things to discover. But it's not always the case. Sometimes you also go to the forest to clear your head of all the thoughts that's hanging on it. And right now it's about breaking up. Not the kind of break up of lovers. But it's more of a broken relationship in general. You're trying to figure out the ideas behind it and why should people undergo through it. You are almost in your deepest thoughts when you hear a sound. You try to ignore it and focus on your thoughts. But every time you do, the sound only gets louder.

So your purpose of being in the forest is not about focusing on your thoughts anymore. Now it's about looking for the source of noise. Your search shows you a caged turkey. And you're thinking the turkey might be close to losing its mind being inside the cage. So you immediately start helping it. Play Turkey Forest outdoor escape game by Mirchigames.

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