Book Boy Escape Game

Book Boy Escape

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Reading a book is like traveling with your imagination. This might be true but you won't confine yourself in reading only. Therefore, you used a magic spell that can make you jump into the books and it works! You never thought what you've read in the book of magic will work and now, you are actually inside the book. It is really different when you are just reading compared when you are inside the book. The monsters and forests became real and it's beyond what you imagined. You are really enjoying your stay on the book but you heard your mom calling your name. The dinner is ready and she is looking for you. You must get out of the book and go back to reality but you don't know how.

The good thing is, there are clues that can help you to escape from the book. However, there are puzzles that you must solve before you can escape. Solve those puzzles and follow the useful clues that can help you to complete the Book Boy Adventure. Play Book Boy Escape by The Escape Games. This newest outdoor escape game will surely test your logic and escape skills. Best of luck!

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