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Hold Up 01

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Larry was venturing in the medieval castle's halls for it is said there are mysteries in that place which haven't been solved yet, at the moment there's nobody in the place because of the sole reason Larry was on his investigation of the structure, he was told to give the curator a call if he was done and if he ever needs help. Well, he thought it is time to call  the curator now, for he got lost in the castle but there was a problem however, the radio was busted and he couldn't get any help from the outside!

This is a real hold-up for Larry, that's because he haven't gotten a whole lot of data yet and this problem here is preventing him to go even further, that'll put him at great risk of getting lost even more but, is there any other choice? Escape players, Larry here is going to proceed and take that risk which can bring him back out or can get even more lost in the place. Will you join him as he does so? For he can't really stay on one spot and do nothing.

Hold Up 01 is another new point and click ancient place escape game made by First Escape Games.

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