Old Train Escape Game

Old Train Escape

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The old train used more than a hundred years ago was still there, at least what's left of it and each and every car looks absolutely decent, but most are just repaired and that's why it looks like it was plucked from that time. Chris was one of the persons to examine the place for any further damage, for this part of a train had already costed private people and the government more than enough just to preserve it, but as Chris was working in the place however he realized that the creepiness inside the car seems to have elevated, so he tried to leave for a moment but there he realized that he couldn't!

Chris could not open the train doors for it seems to be jammed! Must be the old mechanisms again, but he then became aware that it wasn't so, for Chris feels that there are eyes looking at him now from inside the room. This is not what Chris signed-up for and it's very creepy, he needs to escape right-now before his heart can't take it or something. Escape players, come and join in the escape here from a train's room with Chris? Be ready for the challenges then and be quick!

Old Train Escape is a brand new point and click train escape game released by Genie Fun Games.

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