High Rise Apartment Escape Game

High Rise Apartment Escape

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The high rise apartment which Orv had just acquired a room into looks like a classic place, but actually the way its engineers have built the place was pretty modern and people there will have more modern luxuries than from a normal apartment. Orv is absolutely satisfied with the room he has, it was roomy and even though the furniture are just a few, it very much compliments that for if ever it gets crowded of furniture there then it won't look good. Orv that day was just relaxing and admiring his new place, but then something happened there and that really got Orv thinking.

Orv was now trapped in his room for he could no longer open the doors, he began thinking then if did he miss some info on how to operate the door? But the thing was just normal, it's just that it would not open. Orv doesn't know what's happening, but he thinks he can fix this if this is ever a real problem, if it isn't then he still have to fix this. Escape players, want to join Orv here as he escapes from his room and find-out what happened? Solve the problem here then so it can lead to that.

High Rise Apartment Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game released by Ekey Games.

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