New Year Night Park Escape Game

New Year Night Park Escape

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For the new year celebration, the city's government have turned the forest park into a beautiful sea of lights and really they have committed to what they've said last year, now the place is bright and welcoming. As a citizen there, Anton loved the place but only half though, for as he ventures around there to see the lights and stuff, he continues to get lost and it's turning into a real problem now. But still, he keeps going for this is part of the adventure he guesses. At some point however, he can't bare with it anymore, for he is now seriously lost and really he could not find his way back!

Anton is somewhere deep in the park there and he needs some real help for the place is big and he could get even more lost if he continues to take the wrong path. Escape players, want to help Anton here so he can find his way out finally? Admire the lights as you go but not too much, for Anton already got lost because he got confused of such.

New Year Night Park Escape is the newest point and click celebration escape game from Big Escape Games.

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