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Hidden Jungle

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The hidden jungle is just a small patch in the vast jungle and what the place is hiding is really beautiful, it is an oasis of magic and nobody can enter there that's why it is hard to find. One day as Willie was going in the jungle for an adventure, he realized that the wilderness he was in had become very different and that's where the story of the hidden jungle came to him. Was he in the said place now? Wait, was the hidden jungle even real? But why was he able to enter it when the story says so that nobody can enter or really find the place, well he doesn't know nothing so he decided to find his way back for this situation can turn for the worst when the sun goes down.

Escape players, Willie really thinks that he is in the hidden jungle which was very famous to the locals but all of them could not find it, so for him to be in the place is really both weird and exciting. Care to join Willie here as he figures-out what he needs to do next in the jungle? Escape if you will or go on the adventure further through the strange jungle.

Hidden Jungle is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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