Oasis Desert Fun Escape Game

Oasis Desert Fun Escape

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Oasis Desert Fun Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by Fun Escape Games for more fun escapes here in the beautiful desert. Have Fun!

There's a tip that if one ever gets lost in the desert up ahead, he or she must find the oasis in there for it can help guide him or her to the right path for home. Trish surely took note of that for she decided to proceed into the place just to take photos and admire the wildlife living there. Trish set her adventure through the desert caves and out to the vast plains early that morning so she can get back home before dark, but as she did however, she came across a problem which is quite giving her the delay now.

Trish with little expectation that she'll get lost, actually did and it's most concerning for it's in the middle of the afternoon, which means the sun will set soon and the place will then get cold and dark. It's a good thing that Trish noted that tip, and now she had no other choice but to set-foot for the oasis somewhere in the desert. Will she be able to make it and escape with ease while there's still light? Escape players, good luck as you place yourself on Trish's situation, enjoy!

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