Help The Old Camel

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Lando traverses the desert which he usually does to go to different towns there and it’s not too far on each distances, but it’s hot though and he needs to be quick in doing these runs. As he does this journey today though, he found an animal in the desert and this one seems to be in need of help.

Lando found a camel and the thing was trapped in something and that’s why it couldn’t move. Escape players, at first Lando thought about his journey here, but then he just decided to help this camel quickly so it can go free and be on its way and so will he. Will you help Lando here help this old camel get free too?

Help The Old Camel is a brand new point-and-click hot wilderness animal rescue escape game from Hidden O Games.

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Walkthrough video for Help The Old Camel

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3 months ago

controllate il gioco c e qualcosa che non va e poi perche non c e il wolk trougt