Help The King Crow

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The forest here is dark and scary, it is also absolutely haunted and nobody should go in there. But despite of all of that though there is still a thing of light there and it also looked dark. The king crow is the thing of light there and it is the only creature that can help anybody who gets lost there. But that day it is the one who needs help for something happened to it!

Ericson is kind of like a priest here and he can visit the king crow from time to time to commemorate it. But as he was near the tunnel where it lives though he found the king crow trapped in there! He had never come across something like this, that’s why he has no idea what’s happening here. Ericson must rescue the king crow though for this gate must not be bounded, escape players will you help Ericson here help the all-important king crow in this place who is currently trapped?

Help The King Crow is a brand new point-and-click spooky rescue escape game released by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Help The King Crow

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