Help The Innocent Grasshopper

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Alana is always in this part of the forest which was teeming with life and colorful blooming flowers for she liked to relax there and just be at peace. No people go there really for they have no reason to, but that day she saw something though which told her otherwise.

There was this mysterious cage in the clearing area and it looked not very normal, so she took a look at it and she saw then there was a little grasshopper in there. Alana analyzed the situation then and she came to a conclusion that this grasshopper is trapped in there and he needs help to get free. Alana loves this forest here and all that lives in it, so she is going to free this animal now, will you help her escape players?

Help The Innocent Grasshopper is another new point-and-click wilderness animal rescue escape game made by Wow Escape. 

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Walkthrough video for Help The Innocent Grasshopper

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9 months ago

I know that grasshopper and he’s definitely guilty!