Hefty Chick Escape

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The poultry farm in the village just experienced a problem, for some of the cages there have been busted and some of the chickens have escaped to different directions! One of which was this one chicken of theirs who was overly joyous and enthusiastic! That chicken is very much different than everyone else and it sometimes causes mischief to its owner who was old man Karl. As a villager as well, you need to help-out for not only you are all getting your supplies of eggs and chickens from Karl, he is an old man and he needs a little bit of help here in rounding-up his escaped chickens.

Escape players, in your search you found this mischievous chicken he had been talking about, it got trapped in a cage and even then it is still enthusiastic! You need to get it out of there and bring it back to Karl, for that cage is definitely someone’s property and anything in it he or she might take. Will you be able to open the cage, free that chicken, and set the trap back thereafter? Go ahead then and try not to bust that contraption on your attempt.

Hefty Chick Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.