Happy Halloween Celebration 2020 Game

Happy Halloween Celebration 2020

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The forest now looks extra spooky for the people who lives nearby at the town have decorated the place and made it look like a Halloween attraction! Everyone is welcome there and even though old people have said that the said wilderness was indeed enchanted, nobody would really take those words seriously, for nothing mysterious have ever happened there and people just go in and out. But that day, someone is going to experience a different thing there for he entered the forest to see the decorations, he got lost in there and his situation will get even more mysterious and potentially dangerous!

That person was Simon and at first he was enjoying the sights there, the people have really let themselves go in decorating the place, now the forest is bright and orange. The first weird thing that happened to Simon was when he looked around in a split second after looking at a decoration intently, he noticed that the people were now gone and everything became silent. That is very weird already, but the second thing happened and that is he could no longer get himself out of there! Simon knows the way out for it isn't really difficult in doing so, there is only one path and that's that. But unfortunately, it's like he is going in circles there and eventually he thought he was now finally lost. Looks like the old people are right about this place, and it looks like Simon will be the first one to experience something else there in a long time. Who knows what will happen next, so escape players will you help Simon escape before this thing really ends badly?

Happy Halloween Celebration 2020 is the newest point and click scary wilderness escape game created by Big Escape Games.

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