Witch Wolf Escape Game

Witch Wolf Escape

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For years before Ron was even born, the witches in the land have been battling and it never extinguishes, instead it only gets even more intense upon interactions. As unfortunate it can get, Ron sometimes gets between those fights for he was forcefully taken by a witch to work for her. Ron's master for many years already is quite a powerful witch, the others cannot defeat her, but one day however Ron will come across something and it definitely caught him in between difficult situations.

There was a witch who specializes in transforming into animals and for this one, she mostly transforms into a wolf. That said which is now in the house of Ron's master and he managed to find her! Well, she is actually trapped for it seems that Ron's master have readied the house for such an intruder. Ron doesn't want to get caught in a fight once again and it's a good thing his master is currently away, Ron needs to think of something quick before she returns. Finally, Ron decided to just free the animal witch and give her another chance, but he told her if he sees her again in his master's house then he'll definitely put an end to her. Escape players, Ron decided to help the witch who was trapped in his master's home, will you help him out as well and quickly?

Witch Wolf Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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