Halloween Escape From Frightened Place Game

Halloween Escape From Frightened Place

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Try this adventure here everyone, do your best in escaping from such a scary place. Halloween Escape From Frightened Place is a brand new point and click eerie area escape game released by Top 10 New Games. Have Fun!

The dark forest has this house standing in the middle of it and for years, nobody dared approach it and as a result, nature is starting to take it back to the ground. There are a lot of reasons why nobody would go there and one of them is about some strange creatures dwelling in that place, but that just gets Felix's curiosity rise to the roof! For as a paranormal investigator, this is definitely his forte, but for this adventure however this one here is not going to be pretty for him.

Felix was in the place and he is starting to see some of the scary things there, that's what he came for so he is just excited. But something else happened though when he got near the house for the darkness is starting to get him to get lost! He fortunately did and when he felt a little-bit panicked, the creatures of the night started to approach him! Escape players, this can be a dangerous escape adventure here, but would you care to join in still and see if you can escape from such a place? Good luck then everyone and stay alert on this very scary escape!

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