Grasshopper Forest Escape Game

Grasshopper Forest Escape

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The vast forest is a very different land from anywhere in the world, for it houses the only strange animal not found anywhere else, and those are the grasshoppers there which has a max size of a foot! Nobody knows why they reach that big in that place, that is why William will be there to discover the truths about the creatures, but first he needs to catch one and that is already a difficult job to do, for not only they are a bit hard to find, but they can jump pretty quickly and potentially knock a person out or break a nose. William will have to be ready for that now, but he won't be ready of what's about to happen to him there however.

William was following the path and it seems there are no giant grasshoppers yet, that is why he pushed further into the forest and that unfortunately resulted to something bad. William got lost in the forest and only then the giant grasshoppers started to show-up! So much for great timing, there must be a time of day before they can appear from whatever hole they hide? Well he is set to discover that but first he must find his way out now or risk getting lost even more. Escape players, William is going to need some help here before the sun goes down, find a way out of the forest and of course safely.

Grasshopper Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape.

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