Bear Warrior Escape Game

Bear Warrior Escape

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The bear warrior is just what everybody calls him, the man is a skilled hunter and was somehow capable of putting-down bears! And there are stories too that he sometimes does that with only his brute force! Of course he is no match with what the bear has, sharp claws, insane strength, and ferocious bite, but the bear warrior has technique on his side and that's what makes him special. Now, wars are starting to break from the horizon and the government wishes to enlist the the warrior whom they think can turn the tide of battle in the country's favor. The one sent for the recruitment was Yuri and he has a bad feeling about this, well as he got to the place where the bear warrior lives, there was actually a problem there and the bear warrior as they call him is lucky somebody came.

The bear warrior somehow could not open the doors of his house and was now trapped! Because he lives alone, nobody can help get him out of there. But why wasn't he able to get himself out? He wrestles bears don't he? Maybe he is not what everybody thinks him to be? Either way Yuri has a mission here and he must complete it. Escape players, Yuri must get the guy out from being trapped and maybe this recruitment won't be hard for him. Join Yuri then and safely get the guy out from his home.

Bear Warrior Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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