Even in the kitchen, there are puzzles and controls to hunt down in Glyph Numbscape game.

Glyph Numbscape

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In an old Victorian home, a family of four lives there. Each are masters of the games they chose. Dad is a chessmaster. Mom is a riddler. Tommy loved card games, and Suzie obssesses in anything played in the backyard: kickball, baseball, rope skipping-you name it! All thrived in the challenge because it is the way the Harpers had lived for generations. The Harpers enjoy puzzles given by Grandpa Leroy most of all. He gives the most challenging ones he can think of whenever he visits.

Grandpa Leroy had since issued challenges to the family when Tommy was born. As a famous puzzle master and following his grandfather before him, never fails to test them, especially the children. He sat down with Tommy first since he’s the eldest child. In similar fashion the way his own grandfather did it, Grandpa Leroy whispered a riddle to Tommy’s ear. Suzie followed after and nearly jumped in excitement. Both Harper children had immediately figured out the answer. The house is a giant puzzle box itself. They will need to find and answer all the puzzles to get their present.



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