Gingerbread Room Escape Game

Gingerbread Room Escape

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The gingerbread room which is one of the highlight escape rooms in the town is one of those that are quite difficult to solve. As a part of the town's yearly tradition, they build different kinds of escape rooms from snowman themed, to Christmas themed, and the occasional Halloween themed for people who are most daring. Amara decided to not try the Halloween themed for last year when she did, it became a day she can't forget. So she'll first try an innocent one which was gingerbread and Christmas themed, maybe she'll think about in trying the Halloween one after this. Amara enters the place and she thought this one is just going to be easy, will she should think again for it will definitely test her skills and logic of escape.

Upon entering, Amara was then given multiple clues as she was in there but she thought should she trust any of them? For there might be just one that's right and the others are just plain decoys. Well it's all up to her and you escape players if you choose to try this challenge, if so then you can place yourself on the situation of Amara and see if you can solve this one easily.

Gingerbread Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Amgel Escape.

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