Geography Researcher

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You didn’t want to just be a researcher who sits inside an office browsing through texts. You wanted to be someone who goes to various places and acquire information first hand. So you worked hard to be a geography researcher. You knew very well that the earth has so much secrets beneath. You were inspired by a book where a lady had dementia. And she kept on digging the earth. It was quite disturbing but you somehow like the weirdness of the story. You even dreamed about some parts of the book. You were thinking maybe the lady was right. There must really be something in the earth that people need to discover. So you decided to be one of the people to make awesome discoveries for the human kind. However, you need to find your own location. Most of the famous sites were already dug.

You chose a place where people unlikely visit. You did a thorough research on this area and uncovered a fantasy story about a magical mirror. People enjoy stories of mystery. So you made this your main purpose for doing a research in this area. The more you found out about the place, the more you believed the stories you heard. And now your focus is on finding the mirror. So play Geography Researcher outdoor escape game by Enagames.