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When scanning your social media account, you make it a point to look at antique stuffs. You want to own a lot and display them in your home. It seems like they’re a mark of rich people. And you don’t deny that you want to be rich as well. However, it’ll take a lot of money for you to be able to buy many antique. You don’t even know where to buy from. And you don’t want to buy just anywhere since people might just claim their things to be more than a hundred years old. So you search online for the most trusted seller. They happen to be just close by. You don’t want to miss any moment so you instantly go to their place. The place is very interesting as it looks like a mixture of various eras. But you enjoy every bit.

While walking around, you see a piece of paper on the floor. It talks about a magical mirror and a treasure box. You’re inside an antique store and every detail on the paper makes a lot of sense. So instead of looking for something to buy, you look for something that can help you find the mirror. And then hopefully open the treasure as well. Play Antique outdoor escape game by Enagames.