Funny Bunny Garden Escape

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Bunnies are funny to you. Not because they look like a comedian. It is because every move that they make it too cute. This is the reason why you always go to the Bunny Garden. You spend most of your time in here to play with the bunnies. Unfortunately, you can’t stay here 24 hours a day. Bunnies also need to take a rest. So now that it’s getting late, you have to leave the bunny garden. The problem is, you can’t find the way out. This is not funny anymore. The good news is, there are clues that can help you to choose the right path out of this garden.

However, there are puzzles that you need to solve around the place before you can completely escape. With that, you have to use your logic if you want to escape quickly. You don’t want to bring stress to the bunnies so you have to escape as fast as you can. There are items that you can pick up along the way. Those things can also help you to escape so don’t hesitate to collect those. Funny Bunny Garden Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game from Games 2 Rule. Best of luck!