Cute Bunnies Escape Game

Cute Bunnies Escape

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When you transferred to your new house, you thought you would be the only one living there. However, you would most of the time hear some tapping on your wall. You thought some poltergeists were playing some tricks with you. Surprisingly, it didn't scare you. They could be ghosts or ghouls. But they wouldn't be able to make you live the house. You have nowhere else to go. And living with them would always be the better choice. The tapping continued until your curiosity reached its limit. So you set up some cameras in your house to capture whatever it was making those noises.You weren't prepared to see some scary stuffs. And you were hoping the video wouldn't show such. The next day, you placed the memory card in your laptop and looked for anything strange. Then you saw something moving on the floor.

Looking closer at the screen crept you out. There were many internet videos out there that shocked you. But when the moving thing moved closer to the light, you saw it was a cute bunny. This cute bunny lived with you until it had its babies. However, some strangers entered your property and took the bunnies. The mother bunny was separated from its babies and you couldn't let it stay this way for long. Play Cute Bunnies Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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