Fun Green House Escape

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Erica’s new home here is starting to scare her, well that’s because things would magically disappear suddenly there in very obvious ways and she would not think that something explainable had just happened. Also she would get mysteriously locked in some of the rooms there at times and it would just open for a while. Everything is not normal here in her place, and it even got her to think in finding a new home elsewhere. Guess the last straw was pulled that day though, for Erika got trapped in the entire house and she was about to go to work but now she couldn’t!

Erica got really frustrated after that now, this seems to be the time to get a new place if these happenings are only going to get worst. Well first off she needs to solve this problem here right-now before she gets late. Escape players, come and help Erica here then, look for things inside the house which can help pry a door open here without using force hopefully. Make haste with that as well before this situation makes another turn for the worst.

Fun Green House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Fun Green House Escape

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