French Boy Escape

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Val has this friend in the neighborhood and because he already knows almost all of the inhabitants there, he knew this one guy is a new resident. Well he indeed was and he just moved from France to the neighborhood, in no time they were friends for they share the same interests. The French guy really has some traits and things which is classic in his homeland, he seems kind and is eager to make a new living in the place here. Okay then says Val, maybe if he needs help with such then he might be able to lend him that. And that day, he indeed was in-need of help!

It’s only been a week since Val met him, but then when he came by to his newbie friend’s house so he can let him borrow something, he found-out that his friend is already in some trouble! And that’s he is trapped inside his own house in a room there! Val had no idea what happened, but his friend needs help here, and even though it is sounding a little bit funny and kind of unbelievable, he will still go and definitely help. Escape players, there is no particular cause what exactly caused the problem here, that’s why Val is going to need some help here so that he can get this rescue done quickly. Help Val here then with this rescue and see if you can get his new resident friend out.

French Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.