Fowl Land Escape

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The fowl land as Dennis now calls it is the farm of his uncle and even though it is a farm for his fowl, some parts of the area are still covered in tall trees and it hadn’t been cleared yet. Well he purposely did that though at least for now, that’s because he doesn’t needs that space yet and as long as he doesn’t need it, it stays as it is. Little did Dennis know he’ll be lost and trapped in there unfortunately as he visited the farm and definitely valued as a guest that day.

Dennis roamed around the forested area that day, it is safe there for there are no predators in that small patch of forest, there are even some fowl in that patch which belonged to his uncle looking for seeds and worms. But even though it is small, if one is not careful in venturing in there then they can still get in trouble, like Dennis now who got lost and the worrying thing is, it’s getting dark! Dennis could not find his way back really, but he managed to find a potentially unused gate there, maybe if he escapes from it and see the bigger picture outside of the farm then he might be able to get back! Okay escape players, you will now play as Dennis here who is lost in the fowl land. Will you be able to escape and find your way back before it gets dark?

Fowl Land Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.