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Formal Living Room

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Mindy went to her sister's new house for the first-time and the place was absolutely grand! They really elevated because of their business and through all that hard-work it finally payed-off. Mindy entered the house for her sister just said so through the phone and my, she was even more impressed with the living rooms there! It was luxurious but she thought then where was her sister? Mindy tried to look for her in the rooms but she found nobody and with only the confusion why was there so many living-rooms in the house? Well that's not the problem now for her sister is nowhere to be found, she suspects though that there might be another prank coming-up.

Of course Mindy will not allow her sister to pull a prank on her, she plans to defeat her by leaving the place and finding answers from the outside rather than inside. Well that's if she can leave the place, for it seems to be too late now because the doors are already locked! Looks like her sister is winning, but she'll only lose though if she gives-up. Escape players, want to help Mindy here escape from the house so that her sister won't be successful with her prank?

Formal Living Room is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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