Floating Island 3 Game

Floating Island 3

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All your life your only wish was to experience a new floating island. You didn't know exactly what happened to the islands and why they were floating. You woke up to this kind of world and imagining them being one piece of land with water was such too much. But you had heard a lot of stories from the elders. All of them were looking back with longing in their eyes. It must have been more wonderful back then. They said only boats were needed to reach one island to the next. And airplanes for farther islands. Yet now, no one even knew the people from other islands. It seemed like there was an invisible wall around all of you. No one even tried to reach out. But even it that was the case, you still wanted to reach other islands. Maybe you could bring to life what never died.

Then again, it would be such a big challenge. It seemed like no one else had interest for it. You sat down and counted the many ways your plan wouldn't work. But in your mind, you could only think of the way it would. So you started your mission of reaching the other islands. Play Floating Island 3 room escape game by NSR Games.

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