Escape From Living Room Game

Escape From Living Room

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These past few days was a challenge for you. You always have to be out of the house for various reasons. However, your mom slowly lost her patience with your late night arrivals. She wished for you to stay home or at least be home earlier than usual. You would have if it weren't for your many tasks. You promised her that you'd be home earlier so she didn't have to worry. It was your second to the last task for the month. After that would be your friend's birthday party. You shouldn't miss it which meant you had to fulfill your promise. But as you were going home, you saw your super drunk friend walking in the opposite direction of their house. You still had ten minutes left before your promised time of arrival. So you quickly helped him get to his house. It wasn't easy though.

It took you half an hour to reach his house and settle him in. You even just left him on the living room. You ran as fast as you could but your mom wouldn't hear you out anymore. The next morning, you found yourself locked in your living room. Play Escape From Living Room room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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