Finding The Naughty Bunny

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Erika’s mom just had enough of this new white rabbit of theirs, for it runs around the house and damages everything it can get itself into. So for the day, Erika’s mom hid the bunny in its box while she fixes everything up and make it bunny-proof. But Erika doesn’t like her pet being inside a box there, so she decided to free it!

Erika is ready to do this now, she is going to find some things in the house here that can free the rabbit from the box and she is going to do that while her mother is not looking. Escape players, will you help Erika on this then so that she can quickly free her rabbit?

Finding The Naughty Bunny is another new point-and-click pet escape game made by WoW Escape. 

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Walkthrough video for Finding The Naughty Bunny

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