Finding Fifi Game

Finding Fifi

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You started with two cats that you found on the streets one winter afternoon. At first you were just looking at them. Then you couldn't keep your eyes off of them. So you went over to pet them. They were so friendly to you that you couldn't bear to leave them in the cold. You went to the vet to check their health conditions. They were healthy and they have no owners. Knowing this, you just couldn't let go of them. Then it seemed like month after month, you were welcoming additions to your family of cats. Each of them had their own names and their own unique personality. It was a bit hard keeping up with their differences. But after you made your house fit for cats, you had less problem. Everyday you checked the presence of your cats. Then one day, you missed one.

Fifi, one of the first cats to enter your home was nowhere to be found. You called her name so many times. However, you found it hard to hear her response because of the meows of other cats. And the sure thing you could do was to look for her yourself. Play Finding Fifi room escape game by And Half A Fish.

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