4 Key House Escape Game

4 Key House Escape

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You thought it was very clever of you to have four keys to unlock your house. One key could easily invite unwanted persons inside your house. So you asked your friend to install a lock. It could only be opened by completing the keys. You'd be needing the keys when getting inside and going outside of your house. By doing this, you could be sure that only those who were aware of the keys could enter and leave. And these keys were not ordinary ones. You were the one who custom designed the grooves on them. Your friend warned you about losing even just one of the keys. However, you faced him confidently and told him you wouldn't be calling him anytime soon with any problems. Your friend just smiled and left your house. You couldn't wait to try your lock with the keys.

However, you couldn't see where they keys were. You were pretty sure that you placed them on the counter near the door. Then again, many tools occupied the counter. So the keys might be with them. Or your friend might have played a trick on you. Play 4 Key House Escape room escape game by Sivi Games.

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