Find The Purse From Textile Shop Game

Find The Purse From Textile Shop

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Art is what you want to project in your house. There are some finishing touches that you need to do before you can finally say that the entire thing is finish. Because of that, you went to the Textile Shop to buy the nicest prints that you can see. Everything in the shop looks so nice so you bought many textiles. You don't even care about the prices of the textiles that you are about to buy. You are just about art and you accept that good art is sometimes expensive. In fact, you are willing to pay thousand dollars for the textiles on your cart. But when the cashier lady asked you for the payment, you realized that you don't have the purse on your pocket. You are sure that you brought it with you. That purse is just there somewhere.

You don't want to leave the shop without the textiles. So, you have to find the purse to bring home the textiles. Thankfully, there are clues around the room that can help you to find the missing purse. Play this newest room escape game by Top 10 New Games and Find The Purse From Textile Shop. Best of luck!

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